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Nutritionist & Medicinal Chef Dundalk - Rachel Graham

I offer personalised nutrition plans that provide the help, support and information that you need, to make a real difference to your health.

Many of today’s health conditions are both triggered & driven by a combination of modern-day lifestyle issues. These include chronic ongoing stress, poor sleep quality & nutritional deficiencies due to poor dietary choices.

All of these can very quickly lead to other health issues i.e. chronic ongoing stress is a key driver in cardiovascular disease – high blood pressure & elevated cholesterol. I'll show you how to improve cardiovascular healthhow to lower cholesterol naturally

Nutrient deficiencies can lead to poor cognitive function (think brain fog, poor memory, lack of concentration), digestive issues (IBS, coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis) Low immunity due to poor nutrient absorption - as a consequence of digestive issues, Hormone imbalances etc etc..


As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, my goal is to get to the root cause of your health issues. Given the right tools, the body has the ability to heal itself & I believe that the food we eat has a powerful effect on our health.


My personalised nutrition plans also contain plenty of delicious new recipes to re-inspire you in the kitchen & help you enjoy your new way of eating.. because food should be delicious, food should be enjoyable & food should be nourishing. Simply put, healthy food makes you feel like the best version of yourself!

Consultations 1:1

This is Personalised Nutrition. Every nutrition consultation begins with a detailed look at your current diet, lifestyle and medical history.

This takes time but is a worthwhile process to help get to the bottom of your health issues. The result is, a better understanding of what caused your condition in the first place & what is potentially driving your condition. 

I will design an evidence based nutritional protocol for you to follow. This may include some supplement recommendations also. 

I also incorporate online nutrition coaching with every client to enhance their results. This is achieved through daily email habit reminders that build on skills & habits over time. It is the proven number one way to reach your goals. 

Sometimes it is worthwhile to have some additional functional nutrition testing. I work with Genova Testing, York Laboratories, BTS Ireland.

If you’re ready to get your health back on track, simply give me a call – I offer a FREE 20 min consultation to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have & see if you would like to work with me.. simply click here to book directly into my schedule…

Private Cooking Classes

Most of my clients, benefit from some private cooking classes in order to help get them cooking in a different way. Most of the time they are dreading their new way of eating as they think it will be bland & boring.

Thankfully, they are pleasantly surprised at just how tasty whole food plant-based eating can be…

As a result, I want to get more people eating and enjoying healthy food!

When you understand how to cook great ingredients to get the most out of them, both in terms of flavour and nutrients – it opens up a whole new culinary world – natures medicine cabinet!

I want to inspire my clients to eat healthier long term, to make better food choices that are both sustainable & benefit their health.

I offer private & small group cooking classes to treat specific health conditions  i.e. cardiovascular health – reduce blood pressure & cholesterol, hormone balancing - natural remedies for menopause, gut health - digestive issues, immunity & mental health as well as blood sugar balancing for diabetes & pre-diabetes

Workplace Wellbeing

I offer a range of workplace wellbeing services Get in touch and find out how I can help support the health and wellbeing of your team.

I offer innovative workplace initiatives such as:  environments that improve creativity and "flow", alternative work schedules that support better sleep, exercise programs that get people moving during the workday, and nutrition programs that distribute healthy snacks and superfoods.

Nutrition Workshops & Cooking Classes

I offer a good selection of small group cooking demos, courses and workshops for a selection of diverse topics such as:

How to Make Sourdough Bread

how to make Fermented Foods 

Vegan Cooking Course

Brunch & Learn  - various topics

How to Meal Prep

How to make a Vegan Christmas Dinner     

My workshops are a great way for you to learn & put into practice all the evidence-based knowledge you learn on the day. This is actionable advice – the proven best method to make long-term changes to the way you eat.

In addition, I only work with small group sizes which means there is always the opportunity to ask questions, ensuring you understand all that you are learning.

Healthy Menu Development

If you are a food operator, looking to improve either the selection or the nutrient profile of your menu items, I can help!

Consumer demand is expected to grow even further in 2019, for more appropriate smaller portion sizes for meals & snacks & also for healthier food & beverage options.

I LOVE the creative process that results in  'unique to you' menu items, that will exceed your customer's expectations!

I can create refined sugar-free, dairy free & gluten free recipes for new menu items.

I can create all new menu items for you OR provide additional menu items to complement your existing selection, OR modify existing menu items to make them healthier OR a combination of all three!

Fancy a chat about your menu? Let me advise you before you get started - Click here to book directly into my schedule for a FREE 20 min discovery call to discuss your plans!


Menu Analytics

The Legislation is COMING! Simon Harris our Health Minister has vowed to pass legislation before the end of 2019 requiring all restaurants & food operators to display calorie counts on their menus.

In 2012, a comprehensive report recommending calories on menus was published (The National Consultation) by The FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland). Both food operators & the general public were surveyed. 

The report indicated that the food operators were overwhelmingly against the proposed legislation BUT the general public was overwhelmingly in favour of it!

Despite the objections of most food operators, public opinion, was & still is, very much in favour of this. 

With this in mind - can you afford to ignore it? Its time to ask

How to get calories on Menus?

This is an ‘open goal’ - a real opportunity for you - the food operator - to take advantage now… Be the early adapter & provide a service that will make you stand out from your competition & give your customers what they are looking for…

With over 20 years’ experience running all types of food businesses. This gives me a unique understanding of how the food business works & all the challenges that go with it...

I can provide a service that fits with both your needs & your budget.

I am a practising qualified Nutritional Therapist & a Medicinal Chef with the means to review & analyse your menu. 

You will get a full nutritional breakdown of all your menu items – in fact - more data than is required by the legislation, to make you compliant.