The Ultimate 8 Week Lifestyle Change & Weight Loss Plan. .

Recent Case Study
Grainne Hearty


On 1st October 2019, Grainne embarked on her operation transformation journey thanks to MIZU.

As her Nutritionist on the program, I worked closely with her for the 8 weeks. Every week she incorporated a new healthy habit from my Plan.

Here is a summary of Grainnes journey in her own words.



Starting Info:

Goal: Weight Loss, Improve my Health & Reduce Cholesterol using Diet & Lifestyle
Time Frame: 8 weeks
Weight Loss Target: 8kg (17.6lbs) or 1kg (2.2lbs) per week

How I would describe my diet prior to starting:

My Diet prior to starting was dreadful. Take Away a couple of times a week and I had a very sweet tooth.

How I would describe my lifestyle & activity level prior to starting:

My Activity Level before I started was Non Existent. I wouldn’t walk anywhere. My car was the only way to travel.

My personal & family health history:
Both my Parents died due to Heart Attacks. After doing a medical I had elevated Cholesterol which was my main goal to reduce.


What I was expecting:
Same as before… as I had joined many Weight loss groups before and always failed as I couldn’t sustain the food plans. Rabbit Food.

The Reality: I was so shocked at the variety of food and the flavors. I was so satisfied on Rachel”s plan and never experienced cravings or felt hungry!

What I learned from Rachel about how to nourish my body: I enjoyed every minute – the knowledge I learned in which foods best fueled my body aswell as how to nourish myself for heart health was amazing!

What surprised me most about eating this way?

I never felt deprived as the variety and flavors made meal times enjoyable while still maintaining weight loss weekly.

How it has changed my life?
I have literally turned my life around. I exercise daily and love every minute. My energy levels have gone through the roof and my whole attitude has changed x


Target weight Loss: 8kg
Actual Weight Loss: 19kg!!!
Sugar cravings: None
Sleep Quality: Excellent – between 8 and 9 hours a night.
Energy Levels: Through the roof!
Cooking & Meal Prep Skills: I’m so organised (thanks to Rachel’s Meal Prep Class). Shopping lists have huge power and I always have a healthy snack choice ready & available..
Mindset & Happiness: I always believed I was a Happy Person but I’m at my Happiest point ever in my Life.
Stress Levels: Non existent


To achieve my cholesterol target & further weight loss:

I truly believe I have all the necessary tools in place to carry on in my journey. I want to reduce my High Cholesterol levels which I can do myself through exercise and by following Rachels  heart healthy food plan.

I didn’t know before my consultation with Rachel that there were other options other than medication. i.e. that diet could impact my cholesterol levels! I will continue to have my bloods tested every 6 months until I have achieved my Cholesterol goal.

I also plan to continue on her food plan to lose more weight as this is the first time in my adult life that I’ve enjoyed eating healthy while having the luxury of losing weight.


Grainne completed my ULTIMATE PLAN in 8 weeks & lost a staggering amount of weight! If you would like to discuss this plan with me or any aspect of it with a view to getting started yourself – please get in touch! Just click on the button & get in touch


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