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My goal is to give you the knowledge so you understand how to make better food choices. Your health is your wealth and knowledge is way more powerful than a pill! In my experience, If you understand why you should eat certain nutrients, you will be way more inclined to reach for the healthier choice. This, in turn, will have a significant impact on your overall health and wellbeing with improved energy levels and better quality sleep.

Simply put, healthy food makes you feel like the best version of yourself! It's not about what you take out of your diet, I believe its more about what you include! I'm all about front-loading your daily eating habits with delicious nutrient dense foods!

My name is Rachel Graham. I'm a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Medicinal Chef.
I have over 25 years experience in the food business, I lecture at The College of Naturopathic Medicine - Natural Chef Course - in Dublin. I also run my own medicinal cooking workshops for specific health conditions i.e. gut health, fermentation, sourdough making, vegan cooking etc.. 
I aslo recently introduced a Nutrition Brunch Series 'Brunch & Learn' to offer relaxed group coaching on The Menopause, Mood Food & The Gut, The Drug-Free Approach to Lowering Cholesterol & Blood Pressure..

Through my personalized consultation coaching programs, I give my clients practical, actionable guidance, so that they quickly feel the benefits of their healthy choices and actually enjoy the process of improving their health!

How it Works

Every consultation program is different, depending on your unique health goals. My aim is the same though - to help you feel your best!

My particular areas of interest are Gut Health, Hormonal Health & Heart Health. Whether that is improving your digestion, balancing hormones for PMS or Menopause, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol naturally, or improving your performance (both physical and mental) I can help!

Following our initial in-person consultation, I will continue the support with regular contact via email & phone. We will have a follow up consultation after 6-8 weeks to establish an effective strategy going forward. For more info click HERE