9th March

& Kimchi



• Make your own Sauerkraut & Kimchi.
• This is a hands-on demonstration.
• You will be chopping & mixing & bringing home your own finished product in a glass Kilner jar!


• All ingredients & glass Kilner jars
• Recipes & Handouts to recreate at home


•  This Day €85
•  All 3 DAYS €240


23rd March

& Kefir



• Make your own Kombucha, Kefir & Water Kefir.
• This is a hands-on demonstration.

• Learn about looking after your Scoby & flavouring your fermented drinks
• Learn the Fermentation do’s & dont's
• Bring home your own Kombucha & Kefir in glass Kilner jars & bottles


• Water kefir grains, starter culture (scoby)
• Glass Kilner jars & bottles
• Recipes & Handouts to re-create everything at home


•  This Day €85
•  All 3 DAYS €240


30th March

Coconut Yoghurt &
Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Yogurt


• Make Nut Milk & Coconut Yoghurt
• Use both of these in fast, easy, breakfast recipes 
• Sample Tasters included
• Learn how to make a Sourdough Starter Culture - in preparation for the 1-day full day baking class! (date to be announced soon)
• Make Apple Cider Vinegar – make your own to bring home in a glass Kilner jar!


• Recipes & Handouts to recreate everything at home
• Glass Kilner jar


•  This Day €85
•  All 3 DAYS €240

See what people are saying about my Workshops

  • Sharone Samuels Avatar
    Sharone Samuels

    Did the 3 day fermentation course with Rachel and it was amazing. I learned so much over the three days. I loved the hands on interactive learning approach which you use. That really helped me over the three days. Thank you 2/03/2019

    Treasa Spragg Avatar
    Treasa Spragg

    I had a terrific time at Rachel's workshop where we learnt how to make apple cider vinegar, coconut yogurt, nut milks and more. I really liked the format: the group was small enough that there was plenty of time for all the great questions and observations that came up over the course of the workshop. Rachel is very clear, knowledgeable, warm and so effusive about fermentation. I highly recommend the sessions. 9/23/2018

    Alan Graham Avatar
    Alan Graham

    The cooking to lower your cholesterol workshoo yesterday was brilliant. Really informative and interesting Such flavoursome food that took little effort to make was a revelation. Uncovering a lot of the myths that we take for granted was certainly an eye opener. Also it was great to share personal experiences with like minded people.

    Rachel was extremely helpful and made a wet afternoon extremely enjoyable !

  • Grawnya Murphy Avatar
    Grawnya Murphy

    Had a great day at Rachel’s fermentation course . Was very interesting and learned a lot in just one day . I can’t wait to attend another course with her soon 👌👌👌 ☺️ 1/26/2019

    Pauline Caffrey Avatar
    Pauline Caffrey

    Last weekend my daughter and I went on Rachel's Yoga & Nutrition retreat in The Lodge at Kellys in Rosslare. It was an amazing experience, surpassing my expectations. We came away feeling totally relaxed yet rejuvenated! The Lodge was perfect because although we had easy access to the facilities at Kelly's Hotel, we were away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel. Eileen Rowe helped us burn off some calories with yoga, beach walking and exercises, hula hooping, aqua aerobics in the pool AND we even had a dip in the sea (with a quick dash back to the hot tub!) Exhilarating!! The group was small and everyone mixed easily and conversation flowed freely while we dined on Rachel's delicious food and enjoyed some food demos (recipes provided ).

    Sadly, it was all over too soon and we said our goodbyes on Sunday lunchtime. I would highly recommend this retreat and can't wait to hear when the next one is!

    Aisling Burke Avatar
    Aisling Burke

    Rachel is a wealth of knowledge with food and nutrition. She teaches in a simplified manner so all levels of ability can understand. She is also very approachable for further questions 1/28/2019

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