Display Calorie Counts on Restaurant Menus! - The Legislation is COMING

The Irish Minister for Health intends to pass legislation by the end of 2019, requiring all restaurants & food operators to display calorie counts on their menus.

In 2012, a comprehensive report recommending calories on menus was published (The National Consultation) by The FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland). Both food operators & the general public were surveyed. 

The report indicated that the food operators were overwhelmingly against the proposed legislation BUT the general public was overwhelmingly in favour of it!


Despite the objections of most food operators, public opinion, was & is, very much in favour of this. 

With this in mind  - can you afford to ignore it? 

I see this is an ‘open goal’ - a real opportunity for you - the food operator - to take advantage now… Be the early adapter & provide a service that will make you stand out from your competition & give your customers what they are looking for..


• I have 20+ year’s experience running all types of food businesses from cafes, to gastro-pubs to restaurants. 

• I have a unique understanding of how the food business works & all the challenges that go with it..

• I can provide a service that fits with your needs & budget.

• I am a practising qualified Nutritionist & Medicinal Chef with the means to review & analyse your menu. 

• I can give you a full nutritional breakdown of all your menu items – in fact - more data than is required, to make you compliant!


Source: Food Safety Authority Ireland - National Consultation 2012
Quotes from survey participants in favour of displaying calories on menus

Of All Calories

are eaten outside the home. Recent data show that 18-64 year olds consume 24% of their total energy from food and drink outside the home.

Want Calories on Menus

Of over 2,000 attendees at a food service industry trade exhibition in the RDS, Dublin want calorie menu labelling in all or some food outlets

Fewer Calories Consumed

When Calories are clearly displayed on menus

Source: Food Safety Authority Ireland - National Consultation 2012

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Menu Analytics Packages

Basic Package 


Designed to give you the exact data to make you compliant = the kcal breakdown of each menu item


Advanced Package 

TO KEEP YOUR CISTOMERS INFORMED: This is what your customers are looking for!


• I will provide a macronutrient breakdown of each menu item including kcals, fats (saturates/unsaturated), carbohydrate’s, proteins, sugar, salt + more (allergens)

• This is provided in a convenient & easy to understand graphic, that can be colour coded (traffic light system) or monochrome to blend into your menu. 

• You can decide how much of the info you want to share - I can tailor it to your needs. The advantage is: the more you share - the more transparent you are perceived.

• By keeping your customers informed, you are also empowering them with choices! 


• I will visit your business & discuss your requirements at a time that suits you. I can also work over Skype if you prefer?

• Recipe and menu analysis can be charged per recipe or by the hour, depending on your requirements. 

• I use nutritional analysis software and will provide you with a graphical report as well as a PDF of all the data.

• Research has shown that the traffic light system has proven to be a very popular method of communicating nutritional values in a format that is easy to understand. If you opt for the advanced package, I will provide you with this menu friendly graphic.


*consumer demand is expected to grow for smaller and more appropriate portion sizes for meals and snacks; and for healthier foods and beverages. Without the drive of consumer demand, food service businesses could not initiate these changes without risking a loss of revenue.


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