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Menopause Health Risks

Menopausal Women are at increased risk of the following health issues:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Type 2 Diabetes
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Dementia

This is why its SO IMPORTANT to really put a strong emphasis on correct nutrition for this life stage!
Its one of the easiest & most effective ways to manage your menopausal symptoms..


If you would like to book in with me for a 1:1 consultation, I can give you personalised nutrition support  to help reduce the impact of your menopausal symptoms.
I will inform you about all the latest HRT studies so you can make an informed choice & also give you my top supplement reccomendations. 
You can book directly into my schedule below for the next available appointment..


• Women spend more time in their menopause years than in their reproductive years! 

• The average age of Menopause is aged 51 in UK & Ireland, but most women start experiencing noticeable symptoms from age 45 onwards

• The menopause occurs after your periods stop – You are officially post-menopausal if you have not had a period for 12 months

• When your ovaries stop producing eggs, your oestrogen levels fall drastically

• However, you can experience symptoms up to five years beforehand, as the oestrogen gradually declines. This is known as Perimenopause..

• 75% of women experience menopausal symptoms

• 25% of women experience severe symptoms that negatively effect their family & work lives



One of my most popular workshops is both a nutrition talk & an informal brunch that covers all the key  points to help you thrive during the menopause. 


I am hosting a 1 Day Menopause Retreat called 'No Sweat! The Menopause explained' on 26th October in Co. Wexford. Here are some details below - just click the link for more details - all info on my Facebook Page!
Who: Eileen Rowe Health & Fitness (yoga) & myself
What: No Sweat! The Menopause explained...
When: Saturday 26th October 10am to 4pm
Where: Murphys Barn, Co Wexford

Menopause symptoms and physical changes

Rachel's Reviews

Martina Maguire
Martina Maguire
18:24 05 Oct 19
Really enjoyed the sourdough bread making course today was great to be able to go through each step of the process and ask any questions if needed, and to walk away with two ready to bake yummy loaves by the end! Delighted to be starting out on my sourdough journey now!! 😊read more
Rosemary Orourke
Rosemary Orourke
18:14 05 Oct 19
I have completed 2 courses at Rachels-Meal prep 101 and just today I attended her Sourdough class.Both were a revelation! I had struggled to cultivate my own starter and was about to give up.Rachel ,however,changed all that by providing a starter and fool proof instructions leading to a very successful loaf. It’s also great to have a hands on class where you learn by doing.I also enjoyed a lovely lunch and great conversation and highly recommend the entire experience.Looking forward to the next more
Sunnibha Corcoran
Sunnibha Corcoran
17:22 12 Sep 19
Recently attended a morning workshop with Rachel in her home, It was the perfect balance of learning, discussing and eating an amazing spread of homemade dishes- very enjoyable way of learning how to improve your health through better diet choices and a lovely way to spend a Sunday - highly recommended!read more
Karen Garvey
Karen Garvey
10:51 10 Sep 19
I attended one of Rachel’s workshops at home and I found it very informative. There was loads of new information that I didn’t know and the things I did know Rachel motivated me to incorporate them more into my daily living. The accompanying brunch was absolutely delicious. A lovely more
Grainne Grehan
Grainne Grehan
17:13 26 Jul 19
I recently attended Rachael’s summer salads workshop. It was a small group, which was very welcoming & friendly atmosphere in Rachael’s home. We got to taste some delicious salads & see how to prepare them. Rachael’s knowledge on the nutritional value of different ingredients & “science”of foods, I found so interesting & left me wanting to know more. Racheal also gave us tips of food storage and preparation. I Look forward to attending the mood food workshop more
Alan Graham
Alan Graham
16:22 05 Jul 19
Since attending Rachel's Lower your Cholesterol cookery workshop, my cholesterol has reduced considerably Great food and top advice on making changes to my lifestyle. Would highly recommend Rachel!read more
Mary M
Mary M
15:53 05 Jul 19
Do yourself a big favour and attend one of Rachel's workshops - you will not only have a great time and eat totally delicious food, but you will gain valuable knowledge about healthy eating and introducing more vegetables and plants into your diet. Rachel is a gifted teacher and very generous in passing on her knowledge. We were all so enthused after the course and will definitely be back for more!read more
Sharone Samuels
Sharone Samuels
14:18 03 Feb 19
Did the 3 day fermentation course with Rachel and it was amazing. I learned so much over the three days. I loved the hands on interactive learning approach which you use. That really helped me over the three days. Thank youread more
Aisling Burke
Aisling Burke
14:27 28 Jan 19
Rachel is a wealth of knowledge with food and nutrition. She teaches in a simplified manner so all levels of ability can understand. She is also very approachable for further questionsread more
Grawnya Murphy
Grawnya Murphy
19:25 26 Jan 19
Had a great day at Rachel’s fermentation course . Was very interesting and learned a lot in just one day . I can’t wait to attend another course with her soon 👌👌👌 ☺️read more
Pauline Caffrey
Pauline Caffrey
19:24 30 Nov 18
Last weekend my daughter and I went on Rachel's Yoga & Nutrition retreat in The Lodge at Kellys in Rosslare. It was an amazing experience, surpassing my expectations. We came away feeling totally relaxed yet rejuvenated! The Lodge was perfect because although we had easy access to the facilities at Kelly's Hotel, we were away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel. Eileen Rowe helped us burn off some calories with yoga, beach walking and exercises, hula hooping, aqua aerobics in the pool AND we even had a dip in the sea (with a quick dash back to the hot tub!) Exhilarating!! The group was small and everyone mixed easily and conversation flowed freely while we dined on Rachel's delicious food and enjoyed some food demos (recipes provided ). Sadly, it was all over too soon and we said our goodbyes on Sunday lunchtime. I would highly recommend this retreat and can't wait to hear when the next one is!read more
Alan Graham
Alan Graham
18:04 14 Oct 18
The cooking to lower your cholesterol workshoo yesterday was brilliant. Really informative and interesting Such flavoursome food that took little effort to make was a revelation. Uncovering a lot of the myths that we take for granted was certainly an eye opener. Also it was great to share personal experiences with like minded people. Rachel was extremely helpful and made a wet afternoon extremely enjoyable !read more
Treasa Spragg
Treasa Spragg
13:01 23 Sep 18
I had a terrific time at Rachel's workshop where we learnt how to make apple cider vinegar, coconut yogurt, nut milks and more. I really liked the format: the group was small enough that there was plenty of time for all the great questions and observations that came up over the course of the workshop. Rachel is very clear, knowledgeable, warm and so effusive about fermentation. I highly recommend the more
Kevin Callan
Kevin Callan
13:56 17 Sep 18
Rachel's courses are really enjoyable and informative. The courses were just the right length to pass on useful information, but not take up our whole weekend. Best of all, we left with the fruits of our labour. Highly recommend!read more
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