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Shift the Covid Kilos – Week 2

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How to shift the extra Kilos accumulated during the Corona Virus Lockdown

Week 2 – How Hormones Can Block Weight Loss

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Shift Lockdown Kilos!

Interview with Gerry Kelly LMFM – July 6th 2020


Gerry Kelly LMFM  0:00

I’ll tell you something. I have a few curves myself. I’ll be honest, which I have and lots of people have after the lockdown just happened. Do you know what I mean? What do you do? you’re more confined, you’re maybe not getting as much exercise. Well, she’s promised that over the next four, four weeks, Rachel Graham nutritionist is going to flatten all our carbs. And she’s on the line. Hello, Rachel.


Rachel Graham  0:22

Hello there. Gerry. How are you?


Gerry Kelly LMFM  0:25

Now we’re not letting you off the hook here. You’ve made a promise. You’re gonna do this for everybody listening today. You’re gonna talk first up on this afternoon show about the liquid day now what do you mean by this?


Rachel Graham  0:40

Yeah, so basically a liquid day you can kind of think of it as like a little mini reboot for your body. So it’s a 24 hour period where you just concentrate on consuming like really nutrient-dense foods that are mostly in liquid form. So what I mean by that is that you’re going to be Consuming things like freshly prepared juice mostly with made with vegetables as opposed to with fruit, and then protein-rich smoothies and then fibre rich. So the majority of your calories are going to come in liquid form, but that in itself is actually going to be fantastic for your digestion because it really gives it a chance to rest.


Gerry Kelly LMFM  1:23

important is that to ease off on tough stuff through the God, you know what I mean to give it a break?


Rachel Graham  1:31

Yeah, well, I mean, when you consume your calories in liquid forms, like especially things like cheese where the fibre has been removed, it means that your stomach doesn’t have to break down that food. So those nutrients are just immediately absorbed through the stomach wall and go kind of systemic then you get the benefit of those, straightaway. So it’s great for people with any kind of digestive issues. However, what I would say is that it is also important to consume fibre, it’s just the type of fibre that you consume. So this is why I’m including both so you’d have green juice and probably in the morning time, and then in the afternoon as a snack or even as your lunch, you could have a protein-rich smoothie. Smoothies contain the fibre. And they also have a protein boost in them as well, as well as good fats that could come in the form of nuts or avocados or things like that. In fact, I’ve put together a whole recipe page for any of your listeners that might be interested in possibly incorporating a liquidy into their, into their kind of diets. And just to kind of kickstart things, I find it actually gives you grace discipline kind of puts you right back in the zone. And you know, gets you ready, mentally ready to kind of start on a kind of healthier journey.


Gerry Kelly LMFM  2:46

Those recipes are available on rachelgraham.ie – am I right there,  on your website?


Rachel Graham  2:53

No, what I have, I’ve prepared like a PDF, email to people. So Want to just contact me? So it’s nutrition at Rachael graham.ie. I will email everyone on today after the show with the with all of those recipes that I’ve prepared.


Gerry Kelly LMFM  3:09

Okay, so nutrition@Rachaelgraham.ie. If you want those recipes, get in touch. Come back to the point that it’s a liquid day. There are no solids going in there at all. How often is it good to do this? Are you just asking listeners to do this just one day and then go back to normal?


Rachel Graham   3:31

No, no, not necessarily. What I would recommend is that you use this to kick start your healthier eating. So we’ve all been living in these kinds of very uncertain times that have promoted a lot of stress and kind of mindless eating, beating a path to the fridge and just constantly consuming stuff, you know, eating endless rounds of toast, munching on biscuits, watching TV and eating bags of crisps. All of that stuff just obviously takes a toll on your body. So at some point, you’re going to go, right! that’s enough! I want to feel healthier & maybe lose a bit of weight. So, what I’m saying is to use the liquid day as part of your arsenal to really get you in the zone and to get your discipline back. And that’s what I find it really useful for. It’s just a 24 hour period and you’ll be amazed at your mental clarity.


Rachel Graham   4:23

After that 24 hour period, you’ll wake up the following day going wow! I really do feel so much better.  You’re going to be drinking a lot more water, you’ll reduce your caffeine and maybe replace it for one day just with green tea, which also contains caffeine but not as much. And you know, all of the fibre and the good fats and the protein that are contained in the liquids will be really really healing and soothing and beneficial for your digestion as well as giving you all the nutrients that you need. And then you can start on your journey of healthier eating. So as Im going to be on the show talking about weight loss and doing this weight loss series for the next four weeks. I actually have put together a plan of over 30 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that is available on my website to purchase and download. It’s actually only 10 euros. So I’ve completely reduced the price for the purpose of LMFM and the show. So anyone who’s interested in it can go onto my website and download it. It’s been really successful for other people who’ve been trying to lose weight. And all of the recipes are really tasty, really delicious. I definitely think that that would be of great interest to a lot of people because it kind of gives you a plan that you can follow. And I think everyone needs a plan. It’s very hard to do this on your own.


Gerry Kelly LMFM  5:42

So this is a segway into that and to take it on from there. Let’s talk about the liquid day itself. And you mentioned you know, you have your breakfast, you may feel a little peckish mid-morning, then you have your lunch, mid-afternoon and then your dinner time or whatever takes us through that day quickly Examples of you know what we could take on board in terms of liquids.


Rachel Graham   6:04

Okay, so I recommend starting your day with half a litre of water and with a little squeeze of lemon juice. So this gives you a hydration boost immediately – hydrates all of your cells and little vitamin C boost with the fresh lemon juice which also then prepares your stomach with acid for digestion. So the next thing you could have is possibly your breakfast smoothie. And the breakfast smoothie will contain fibre, good fats, proteins, and it’s very, very filling so you could also have a cup of coffee and a cup of black coffee or tea if you want to. I’m recommending having a green tea and but I’m not saying the coffee is completely off the programme because I understand people really like a coffee so I don’t want it to be you know too much deprivation in one go. And then mid-morning you could prepare green juice. So if you do have a green a juicer, fantastic then use it, take it out of the cupboard & dust it off & start chopping up your cucumber, celery and handful of spinach and kale and all the greens.  Basically, juice it and just drink it it’s really nourishing and it’s so so good for detoxification as well. And then for lunch, you can have a really nice filling fibre-rich soup so that would be something like a lentil soup. And it’s really lovely, filling and very, very fast to cook yourself. So I’ve included a recipe for that also. And in the afternoon if you’re hungry because at this stage you might find yourself so full of fibre that you’re really not that hungry. I would definitely recommend just drinking lots of water to try and consume at least two litres of water throughout the day, as well as lots of things like herbal teas are fine. Also, some non-caffeinated herbal teas like chamomile will be great. And then for dinner, you can have the lentil soup again. And that’s it.


Gerry Kelly LMFM  7:59

That’s your day. That’s a day and you’re giving your system a rest for that 24 hours. And as you say, you feel the benefit, the next day you feel yourself, you’re ready to go.


Rachel Graham   8:10

Absolutely, you’re in the zone, you’ve got your discipline back, and you’re ready to rock. So you know, all of a sudden, you’re really looking forward to a big bowl of salad because you’re going to be chewing properly for the first time really. And you really start to appreciate really good quality, fresh ingredients. It just renews that appreciation And I think that weight loss always starts in your head. It’s a mental process. People often underestimate this, but it really is about getting yourself in the zone, getting that discipline initially because you only need it initially. Once you start feeling full and feeling good, that is what is,  propelling you forward, you’re no longer motivated by trying to be good. You are no longer relying on that – willpower. No. I think that’s what’s so powerful. You kind of back in control again!


Gerry Kelly LMFM  8:59

Okay, we’re on our way See you next Monday and again, reminding people nutrition@rachelgraham.ie. And check out the full programme on www.RachelGraham.ie as well talk to you next Monday.


Rachel Graham   9:11

Thanks Jerry, I look forward to talking to you then. Take care.





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