Most people – women included - are reluctant to talk about the menopause! It was known as ‘The Change’ in the 1960’s & was very much a taboo subject! Thankfully times & attitudes are changing… Having said that..

  • There is still a lot of uncertainty about what the menopause means and how it can be managed
  • Women are still reluctant to seek advice & inform themselves early on. But, seeking advice early on, can really help when it comes to dealing with the symptoms of the menopaus


  1. Menopause is exactly like Puberty, just in reverse! The menopause occurs after your periods stop.
  2. 51 is the average age of Menopause in UK & Ireland, but most women start experiencing noticeable symptoms from age 45 onward
  3. When your ovaries stop producing eggs, your oestrogen levels fall drastically – this period is known as Perimenopause. 
  4. Perimenopause is the stage - up to five years beforehand - when you experience most of the menopause symptoms – currently 43 known associated symptoms! 
  5. You are officially post-menopausal if you have not had a period for 12 months.
  6. You have oestrogen receptors all over your body, so when oestrogen levels are in decline, you can experience a wide range of different peri-menopause symptoms, affecting nearly every system in your body!#
  7. Life Stage Health Risks - Menopausal Women are at increased risk of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease), Osteoporosis, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoarthritis and Dementia
  8. Women spend more time in their menopause years than in their reproductive years! It is well worth educating yourself! Learn how to not only survive, but thrive through this life stage!


It’s the first thing people think of when the word Menopause is mentioned. However, contrary to popular belief it is not the most common symptom!

Psychological Symptoms are The Most Common Menopausal Symptom & also the least spoken about..

Psychological Symptoms are the ones that floor women — and most women don’t realise they’re related to the menopause!

We suddenly feel anxious & depressed and very low in ourselves which can lead to the use of antidepressants.. but we’re not actually depressed!

Rage is another common symptom, coupled with feeling constantly short-tempered and irrational – in particular with our loved ones!

Add to the list, a sudden loss of self-esteem & a lack of self-confidence, to round off the feelings of total despair ALL related back to the Menopause!



Every woman’s experience is different. You may experience none or all of the current 43 known symptoms! 

If you are experiencing symptoms, the good news is - You don’t have to suffer in silence! A healthy diet & lifestyle can really make a difference in managing your symptom severity. 

Often, cutting out certain foods & increasing your activity levels will make a considerable difference to your overall mood & sense of wellbeing.

Inform yourself about the lifestyle changes you need to make to embark on this new stage in your life – learn how to support your body in order to THRIVE!